Welcome to Tiger Technical Services!

Tiger Technical Services (TTS) is focused on providing solutions and service to oilfield service companies running MWD tools.

With many years of experience in down hole service and technologies dating back to 1985, we understand our customer's needs.

Personal and honest service is the hallmark of the company.

Down hole tool service is focused mainly on Tensor-style solenoid and BLDC motor pulser driver assemblies. To our knowlege TTS is the only shop (other than the manufacturer) that can fully repair GE solenoid driver modules including capacitor banks. Affordable standard repair costs allow easy decision making and cost containment, key factors in repair decisions missing entirely from manufacturer's repair services. Generally we offer a significant savings over manufacturer repair pricing.  This includes the GE SAI surface systems, we are experts at repairing these with very quick turn-around times.

Broadly diversified skill sets enable TTS to create end-to-end solutions that are functional, affordable, and reliable.

Tool repairs, surface equipment repair, standard and custom test boxes, custom heater & controller systems, custom panels, custom database software, and embedded code solutions.

We have decades of experience designing and building functional, affordable, professional looking test boxes even if you only require one unit.

We publish our prices here for all to see.  Check our competitors websites, you won't see any prices.  


  • Test equipment design
  • Surface System Repair : XL-50, GE-SAI
  • Pulser driver repair
  • Solenoid pulser driver with patented user-replaceable capacitor bank.
  • Tandem wiring
  • Pigtails
  • Cables
  • Gamma module calibration system
  • Heaters and heater control systems
  • All types of circuit board repairs
  • Custom Database software
  • Embeded code project design
  • Desktop software applicaitons
  • PCB layout and design.
  • Laser cutting/etching
  • 3D printing
  • 3D and 2D CAD drawing
  • Front panel design
  • Custom enclosures
  • Reverse engineering of obsolete/unavailable products - Industrial, Consumer, Military/Aviation.
  • Service and repair of GRIMES G6250-4 Search Lights.

Featured products

Flow Simulator Box

MWD flow simulator box rugged construction.

CAN BUS Tool Interface Box - Rugged

Rugged version of the CAN Interface box .

4-20ma Transducer Test Box

Transducer Test Box

4-20ma Pulse Translator Module

Translates valve movement into 4-20ma pressure pulse signal.

Programmer/Flow Simulator

Allows flow control, pulse decoding and programming

Cable/Diode Module Tester with Software

Cable and diode module test box.

Gamma Module Calibration System

Interface box with software for Gamma calibration.