Accelerometer Test Box

Tests accelerometer function out of tool.
products.sku: 100170

Accelerometer test box enables a technician to consistently test accelerometers (JAE/QFLEX style) with accuracy.
The analog meter makes it easy to see linearity and range of output. The box has both analog and digital meters built in but if desired a high precision digital meter can be connected to the rear jacks for more precise readings. A shunt resistor is provided where necessary and can be switched in or out of the circuit. Easy to connect mini-grabber leads make connection fast.

1 Built-in power supply for consistency
2 High quality Custom jeweled analog meter scaled to ±5v
3 Selectable shunt resistor built in (1k)
4 Current limit built in to protect against shorted accel.
5 Digital meter integrated
6 Rear jacks provided for precision DVM
7 Removable cable