Cable/Diode Module Tester Bench Top with Software

Cable and diode module test box.
products.manufacturer: Tiger Technical Services
products.sku: 100601-copy

This new bench top design along with the accompanying software will allow far easier and faster testing of Tandems, Cables, and Dioode Modules along with providing a record of the test if desired.  It will enable you to test the full functionality of your diode protection modules as well.   

This equipment is designed to test up to 10 lines of conductors for shorts, opens, poor connections and shorts to a shield or housing.  The unit will also test up to 6 TVS diode protected lines to determine breakover point and detect open or shorted lines.  

Using different adapters, this unit can test any cable or assembly up to 10 conductors.    Windows based interface software will allow custom configuration for any cables you have. 

Requires 120 or 220vac power. 

Several failure modes are tested 

  • Open connections – broken wires, solder connections, or connector pins.  

  • Shorted lines – one or more lines shorted to another.  

  • Poor connections – frayed high-resistance wires, poor solder joints with high resistance, worn connector pins causing high resistance connections.  

  • TVS diode open – no protection present on a line due to an open or defective TVS diode.  

  • TVS diode breaking over past specifications – essentially no protection on a line due to TVS diode break-over point being far too high.  

  • TVS diode breaking over too soon – interrupted function of the tool due to TVS diode breaking over far below specifications causing logic or communication errors, pulsing problems or even no flow sensing.

  • Checks lines shorted to a housing or a shield.