Flow Simulator Box

MWD flow simulator box rugged construction.
products.sku: 100305

The MWD Flow Simulator is an interface between the MWD tool string and the surface decoding system to allow surface testing of the tool and surface gear.

1. Simulates flow on/off conditions by manipulating the flow line.  (this function does not work with an XXT pulser driver attached to the tool.)
2. Simulates static standpipe pressure with flow on condition
3. Converts 5v pulses from the tool to 4-20ma signal to simulate down hole pulsing (50psi pulse height) to allow full decoding of data from tool string.
4. Visual indication of Pulse/Flow state and RxTx communication status
5. Powered from Battery on tool or through the surface system. 
6. Load test and depassivate battery with jacks for DVM.
7. Ruggedized construction for field use.