Gamma Module Calibration System

Interface box with software for Gamma calibration.
products.manufacturer: Tiger Technical Services
products.sku: 105376

This equipment is designed to provide a calibration factor based on your specific tool response and your API certified calibration source.

The system comes with a downloadable application that provides a user interface for all testing performed.  Compatible with Windows 7 & 10 systems only.

The system also comes with a cable made to fit your tools and is included in the price with the exception of rotary connectors.  Those will incur an upcharge depending on requirements.

The API source is not included in this system.

  • Allows user configuration for each specific source used.  This is stored in a local file and will be loaded each time the application is run automatically after saving.
  • Provides a calibration report when the process is complete which is stored and is accessible for future use as well as printable.
  • Test data and report data are both stored in log files for future analysis or proof of calibration later.  This data is easily managed and viewed from the application interface.
  • Includes a temperature sensor log and display during calibration.
  • Monitors and logs supply voltage as well as tool current draw during calibration.
  • Has an on-screen graph of data sampled for easy visualization during calibration.
  • Provides 2 built-in BNC connectors with buffered gamma signal to attach an oscilloscope and/or frequency counter.
  • Integrated 28vdc power supply.
  • Includes a “test” mode which displays current data for an infinite amount of time for just testing tools.  You can use this to quickly test a tools function without doing a calibration.
  • Allows you to upload your company logo for use on reports.
  • Easy to install, no configuration parameters or calibration of the interface box at all.

The unit requires 110-230VAC 50-60Hz power.

A maximum power output of 1.6A is supplied by the interface box.