Modular Triple-Zone Tool Heater System

Heaters system that allows multiple modules to be added to heat different tool components simultaneously .
products.sku: 100140

The Modular triple zone heater system is an affordable system that allows module level thermal testing of tool components. The system is designed to allow cascading thermal wraps to accommodate tools of different lengths or multiple modules mounted separately as in a vibration table scenario. The system contains a 3 output break-out module that allows the control unit to be mounted remotely without all the cabling being run for extended lengths. The break-out module also allows the user to only use the cables needed at the time without extra cables hanging out. Up to 4 thermal wraps can be used in each section with a total of 8 wraps supported at once. Individual control of each of the 3 sections is accomplished with standard WATLOW controllers. Heater wraps are 14" long standard or custom lengths can be made.

1 Simple thermal testing of modules
2 Expandable to different lengths or multiple modules at once
3 Break-out box provides flexibility and clean installation
4 Easy to use controllers dedicated to each section
5 Built-in RS485 interface for external control or configuration (configuration software included)
6 Vibration resistant thermal wraps with locking connectors, can be used on vibration tables
7 19" Rack-mountable controller
8 175°C capable
9 Requires one 15A and one 20A dedicated 120VAC 60Hz outlets
10 Comes with 4 heater wraps standard.
11 20’ control/power cable included
12 Custom wrap length available
13 Velcro attached wraps for easy install/removal
14 Not recommended for calibration purposes due to magnetic components and insufficient accuracy in temperature control