Power Supply Test Box

Test box for testing down-hole power supplies.
products.sku: 100150

Power Supply Test box for testing GE-style drop-in power supplies.  Works for triple supply and dual supplies. Works for any supply compatible with the GE style supplies like BenchTree, Focus, JAE, etc.,  


Built in LCD allows monitoring of all lines showing voltage, current, switching status simultaneously.  


The Triple Power Supply Tester provides a simple and fast way of testing any TPS module that is compatible with GE Tensor compatible directional modules with a 15pin MDM connection. The easy to read LCD display (now available in color) allows the user to see voltages on all the outputs and control lines as well as the current loads simultaneously.
A DVM is not required but can be used with the integrated 15 line break-out jacks on the panel.
Power supply loads can be switched in and out and the supplies can be switched on and off to simulate MPU control.
A variable supply is integrated into the box (B1) to allow visual observation of the switching on of B2 and testing the minimum operating voltage of the supply. Oscilloscope outputs are provided on all three supply outputs for monitoring of ripple and noise if desired.

1  No DVM required
2  All lines monitored simultaneously with built-in LCD
3  Scope outputs provided for supply outputs
4  Variable Battery #1 supply to test switching threshold and minimum voltage operation
5  No external power supplies required. Battery #1 and Battery #2 supplies provided for comprehensive testing
6  Monitors voltage output to MPU including the 5v supply and the voltage signal that provides battery voltage level
7  Power supply loads for all three supplies and the BUSS output line to test maximum load performance
8  User control of power supply on/off control lines simulates MPU control
9  Integrated 15 line break-out jacks
10  120VAC 60Hz power required.
11  Ruggedized for field use if necessary.