Programmer/Flow Simulator

Allows flow control, pulse decoding and programming
products.manufacturer: Tiger Technical Services
products.sku: 105675

This box simplifies your bench setup and allows you to control the flow line, decode pulses directly to your Display/Surface system,
monitor tool current, supply power, and program the tool all in one.

  • Displays Pulse status with a green LED
  • Displays Flow line status with a red LED
  • Allows user to control FLOW on/off
  • USB-CAN converter built in for programming
  • Allows user to monitor tool current with a DVM via 2 probe pin-style jacks
  • Translates 0-5v pulse signal to a 4-20ma current loop signal for surface system to decode pulses from the transducer port.
  • Tool may be powered by battery or from the box.  

For use in the shop or in the field.

Pricing does not include the interface cable required for your tool type.

Requires 110-240vac  50-60Hz