Pulser Motor Break-out Box

Break-out box for testing BLDC motor wiring.
products.sku: 100120

The Pulser Motor Break-out box allows the user to plug directly into the MDM-15 exposed on the pulser valve assembly and verify the windings and the hall-effect switches for the motor are within specs. If the motor is free from the valve assembly the user can power the hall-effect switches with +5v and the outputs of the encoders and be monitored with an oscilloscope while the motor shaft is rotated manually. The wiring can be easily modified to work with other connectors or pin-outs.

1 Simplifies electrical testing of a pulser motor
2 hall-effect switch outputs are protected against over-voltage and ESD damage
3 Can be used to power the hall-effect switches and verify operation
4 Inexpensive
5 Not designed for field use