Shop Equipment - MWD

Equipment used in the shop, not designed for rugged field use. 

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Power Supply Test Box

Test box for testing down-hole power supplies.
$4,500.00 excluding shipping

MWD Tool Test Box

Test box for testing tool components in the shop area.
$3,950.00 excluding shipping

Pulser Motor Break-out Box

Break-out box for testing BLDC motor wiring.
$625.00 excluding shipping

Standpipe Transducer Simulator

Simulates pressure transducer signals.
$425.00 excluding shipping

Solenoid Pulser Driver Test Box

For testing solenoid style pulser driver modules.
$3,800.00 excluding shipping

Modular Triple-Zone Tool Heater System

Heaters system that allows multiple modules to be added to heat different tool components simultaneously .
$9,000.00 excluding shipping
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