Solenoid Pulser Driver Test Box

For testing solenoid style pulser driver modules.
products.sku: 100130

The Solenoid Driver Test Box allows the technician to simulate inputs from the electronics and test the functions on the driver while supplying a designed load on the unit.
With a built-in DAQ connected via USB to a PC the user can monitor and record operating parameters while testing. The box will allow external input for power source to allow testing at different voltages or the internal 28v supply can be used. An external temperature probe can be attached for thermal testing or if the unit has an internal temperature sensor that can be used directly.

1 Eliminates the need for a pulser valve assembly to test with
2 Enables thermal testing without pulser or electronics modules.
3 Allows easy testing of the flow sense function
4 Two pulse speeds or manual pulse selectable
5 Internal or external supply source
6 External temperature probe connection
7 Built in DAQ for monitoring the following parameters:
 Supply Voltage
 Total Current
 Temperature
 Pulse Input
 Pull Current
 Hold Current
8 External DVM can be used to monitor Voltage and Current
9 DAQ Monitor software included
10 Record test data for review
11 High temperature cables included