Tool Simulator Box

Generates pulses like an electronics module would. Transmits surveys and tool faces to test surface systems.
products.sku: 100160

The Tool Simulator or DigiBug as it is known to us is an innovative product designed to free up the digital section of a tool that most companies dedicate to use for testing surface computers, which is a waste of a very expensive asset.
This box allows you to record a survey onto the box from a tool that was programmed however you desire. Simply program your tool, then plug it into the DigiBug, plug the DigiBug into the Flow Simulator box and record as much data from the tool as you need, a survey, tool faces, etc.,. The data is now stored on the DigiBug for use.
Unplug the tool from the DigiBug and you won’t need it anymore.
The DigiBug will respond to flow on/off conditions and pulse up the recorded survey and tool faces each time you “force” a survey with the flow! Consistent data enhances functional testing of surface gear since the data values are known exactly any decoding problems are easy to identify.

1 Eliminates the need for a dedicated digital section to test surface computers
2 Stores over 3 hours of data
3 Easily programmable
4 Requires Flow Simulator box to interface with surface computer system
5 Works just like a tool when flow is cycled on/off