Transducer Signal Splitter 4-20ma

Signal splitter for 4-20ma transducers used for pressure signals.
products.manufacturer: Tiger Technical Services
products.sku: 100915

The transducer signal splitter allows the use of two separate surface systems or decoding units to be used with a single 4-20ma  transducer.  The device acts like a "Y" cable splitter.   Designed to use standard rig transducer cables common in MWD surface systems with a 19P connector on one end and a 6S connector on the other.

Rugged water resistant design for rig/outdoor use.

No external power supply required, runs off of power normally supplied to the transducers by the surface systems.

(Unit includes two 6' cables to connect to surface system)

0-10K psi range.

Isolated outputs for hazardous environment use.